Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd (TSXV:GMG) is a clean-tech company that could significantly disrupt the rechargeable battery space.

This isn’t another lithium-ion battery story that once revolutionized batteries. GMG’s technology doesn’t require the typically mined metals such as cobalt, copper, nickel, or lithium to produce its products. Its Aluminum-ion battery only needs natural gas and one of the world’s most recycled products: aluminum.


Craig Nicol – Graphene Manufacturing Group Founder, MD, and CEO joins Cory Fleck of the KE Report to discuss GMG’s Graphene Aluminum Battery Technology, the next steps for GMG, and their products to come.


Graphene Manufacturing Group CEO, Craig Nicol, joins Cory Fleck to introduce the Company as we commence trading on the TSX.V (April 15th, 2021)


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Graphene Manufacturing is a clean-technology company that has developed and proved its own proprietary production process to manufacture Graphene powder from readily available low-cost feedstock.