Utilities, Education, Institutions


Cooling is the largest energy consumption in buildings (up to 60% International Energy Agency) and its energy demand has more than tripled in the last thirty years and will experience exponential growth into the future. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration (HVAC-R) technology is racing to find solutions for efficiency and emissions in parallel with governments’ push to implement more stringent standards to reduce CO2 emissions and sustainability.

THERMAL-XR® (HVAC-R) coating systems is a unique method of improving the conductivity of corroded heat exchange surfaces. The process coats and protects damaged heat exchange surfaces while rebuilding the lost corroded thermal conductivity and increasing the heat transfer rate by leveraging the physics of GMG Graphene resulting in an efficiency improvement and a power reduction.

THERMAL-XR® HVAC-R coating systems can be applied to new or existing air-cooled condenser types and is suitable for Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Chiller Systems, and Air-Cooling systems.

THERMAL-XR® HVAC-R coating systems provide an energy saving solution and asset protection solution for utilities, education, and institutions.

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