Graphene, a 2-dimensional allotrope of carbon is one atom thick, and it forms the fundamental building block for few layered and multilayered graphene. Isolated in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, the discovery led to the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. Science believes that graphene is one of the strongest and thinnest known material, and it is an extraordinary conductor of heat and electricity. Up to today, over 53,000 graphene technology patents have been filed by various parties. Research has indicated that graphene-based materials are promising materials for a myriad of applications. GMG graphene, in its powder form, consists of few and multilayered graphene.


    Made of pure carbon and is generally between 1 to 5 billionth of a metre high.


    Very high
    “Soot” like.


    Layered Flakes only a few atoms high.


    Extremely strong when mixed into various materials.


    Protects the friction surfaces and reduces the friction coefficient by forming a protective layer between metal interfaces.


    Extremely thermally conductive.


    Extremely light – up to 300m2 of surface area per gram.


    Extremely high, very stable up to 950°C and higher in an oxygen free environment.


    Extremely – Light absorbing.

Enhancing products with GMG Graphene enables the amazing attributes of Graphene to increase heat dissipation, lubrication and coefficient of friction, strength, and impermeability properties. Leveraging these properties equates to less energy consumption and therefore less emissions.

GMG Graphene’s conductive and electronic properties are leveraged to innovate Energy Storage Solutions.

Different applications need specific functional factors of Graphene to maximise its properties. For example, some applications are maximized with a small platelet whilst others need larger platelets to deliver benefits. At GMG, we manufacture various grades of graphene suitable to enhance our portfolio of products.


Most Graphene manufacturers refine mined Graphite to obtain Graphene – usually manufactured in batches, taking 3-7 days, involving acid washing. Graphite is naturally occurring and therefore has variable quality and purity levels. As result, the process usually cannot produce a consistently defined platelet width and purity levels.

GMG’s manufacturing process is continuous, scalable, instantaneous, and made from natural gas (methane). The process also allows definable platelet width thereby allowing GMG to produce GMG Graphene to our exact specifications suitable for our product portfolio. Our unique carbon source provides supply security and consistent quality.

Graphene is approved for commercial production and sale in many countries around the world and consists largely of carbon atoms which are the building blocks of life. There are numerous Graphene studies with respect to their impact on health and the environment and as a new material, these studies continue.

A core value for GMG is no harm to people and the environment.

Employee leadership at all levels shows and acts to not harm people, including employees, contractors and customers & the environment with our process, product or any other part of the business GMG is committed to a sustainable, environmentally green, and sustainable footprint and we exist as a company to enhance society. These beliefs are at the core of our culture and the ongoing guidance of our business.

GMG ensures our Graphene is always contained and to every extent possible, we also ensure our customers handle and use the enhanced products in the prescribed manner detailed in our safety data sheets. GMG actively monitors and engages in the safety and health-science research of Graphene.

In addition, GMG takes a keen interest in graphene’s medical and surgical applicability in the human body by internationally acclaimed hospitals and universities.

GMG Graphene is nanotechnology and deep rich black appearance and low density. Dispersion science is required to thoroughly utilise the graphene properties in the end liquid application.

™FLUID has been engineered as a high-performance GMG Graphene and aqueous dispersion – this enables customers to disperse GMG Graphene in almost any materials.

GMG has the infrastructure and competency to disperse GMG Graphene in a range of fluids for ease of use, safe handling and to leverage properties of GMG Graphene in new applications.

GMG’s Liquid Graphene products are available in various quantities and at various concentrations.

GMG’s Liquid Graphene products are scientifically dispersed with GMG’s Graphene accredited equipment and under laboratory-controlled conditions.


    Graphene platelets dispersed in various fluids at very low concentrations.


    Improves strength of the bulk material – up to 100% increase.


    Energy saving in cooling and heating applications.


    Protects the friction surfaces and reduces the friction coefficient by forming a protective layer between metal interfaces.


    Extremely thermally conductive.


    Very high UV and natural light absorption.