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How Does THERMAL-XR® Affect My Equipment Warranty?

Graphene Manufacturing Group explains how applying THERMAL-XR® affects your air conditioning unit’s warranty.  Air conditioning equipment is expensive, so you likely want to protect your investment. But when your unit needs a performance boost, you may be wondering how adding THERMAL-XR® to your equipment can affect its warranty. In this blog, we explain how applying […]

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How to Optimise Your Air Conditioning Units for Energy Savings

Graphene Manufacturing Group outlines strategies for optimising your air conditioning units to make them more energy efficient. For many businesses, the cost of running air conditioning is a major expense, especially in the hot summer months. In fact, power bills for cooling and heating in Australia were predicted to exceed $12.4 billion in 2023. Because […]

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Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Save Your Business Money

Graphene Manufacturing Group shares strategies for improving your business’s energy efficiency. With the cost of energy continuing to rise, it’s no wonder that many business owners are looking for solutions to reduce their energy bills. Below are a number of strategies that the International Energy Agency (IEA), recommends for improving your business’s energy efficiency in […]