Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V: GMG) joins Cory Fleck of the KE Report to discuss recently announced new data on the HERMAL-XR® coating performance. The data, which is verified by the University of Queensland, shows that when THERMAL-XR® is applied to aluminium, it reduces the surface temperature by approximately 15% in temperatures between 700C and 900C.

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Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V: GMG) joins Cory Fleck of the KE Report to answer frequently asked questions from graphene production, the Company’s battery division, scalability and more.     |    |   TSXV: GMG

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GMG GMG November 2022 AGM | Informal Section

Board Chair | Guy Outen
CEO/MD | Craig Nicol

GMG is a clean-technology-focused company that aims to offer energy-saving products and solutions and energy storage products, enabled by Graphene manufactured in-house via a proprietary production process. GMG developed and proved its proprietary production process to produce GMG Graphene from natural gas (methane), not from mined Graphite. This process produces high quality, low input costs, scalable, tuneable, and low contaminant Graphene suitable for use in clean-technology applications. GMG’s initial focus has been developing applications for ENERGY SAVING AND ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS.

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The visit provided an opportunity for GMG is showcase our latest battery developments and the Battery Development Centre and for the government delegates to strengthen their battery industry knowledge.

In September 20022, the Queensland Government released its new Energy and Jobs Plan, which sets out to deliver its new target of 70% renewable energy by 2032 and 80% by 2035. The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan set out a path to transform the power system by 2035, with over $62 billion for estimated capital projects to be funded across public and private sectors. The plan represents long-term opportunities for relevant manufacturing businesses to accelerate, establish or expand their operations in Queensland. A critical component of the Plan is battery and storage investment. The Queensland Government has also committed to investing $500 million for new large-scale and community batteries by publicly owned energy businesses through the boosted QREHJ Fund. The Queensland Government’s  “SuperGrid” will be a second critical component, comprising around 1,500 km of new high-voltage backbone transmission.

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As part of the 2022 federal election,  the now Commonwealth Government has committed to invest in an Australian Made Battery Precinct in Queensland.

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GMG has formally registered its expression of interest in Queensland’s renewable energy future with the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.


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The Honourable, Ed HUSIC,  Federal Minister for Industry and Science

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Graphene Manufacturing Group is committed to a positive Environmental, Social & Governance culture and No Harm to People or Environment. Employee leadership at all levels shows and acts to not harm people, including employees, contractors and customers & the environment with our process, product or any other part of the business.

GMG held its first “Stop For Safety” session. 

Sheena Ward (Chief Operating Officer) covered safety training for Personal Risk Assessments and Risk Management.


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Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News

Brisbane battery company using UQ technology offers solution to storing solar energy to power homes

By Bianca Wylie

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The progress between BAMS and GMG continued with a two-day workshop to progress the manufacturing and design for GMG’s Coin Cell production facility.

The workshop covered GMG requirements and gained insights from BAMS experience to enable customised manufacturing solutions for GMG’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery in the Coin Cell format.

Both teams reviewed the Battery Development Centre’s current and future prototypes and discussed scaling mass production capabilities, production testing (moving from development to full scale production).

As GMG optimises the cell technology, BAMS will, in parallel, look to optimise production designs.

The aim is to have an FID in 2023 and production in 2024 (as per GMG’s press release dated 11/10/22 GMG’S Battery Update: Significant Battery Performance, Cell and Graphene Production Improvements).

  • Bobby Bran     
  • David Taylor
  • Paul Beckett
  • Roberto Bran
  • Louisa De Vries
  • Bradley Trewin
  • Mark Chan Yan
  • Craig Nicol
  • GMG Chief Project Officer
  • Bosch BAMS Consulting
  • Bosch BAMS Regional Sales Manager
  • GMG Head of Technology
  • Bosch BAMS Consulting Manager
  • Bosch BAMS National Sales Manager
  • GMG GM Battery


GMG And Bosch Sign Collaboration Arrangement For Bosch To Design And Deliver GMG’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Plant (25/10/21).

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Advanced Materials and Battery Council Official Launch

Queensland Parliament House with The Honourable Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement with AMBC Members and Directors.

GMG is a founding member and well-placed to participate in the State of Queensland’s Energy roadmap as well as other Australian Energy Industry initiatives.

Craig Nicol is AMBC Chair.

The AMBC seeks to improve knowledge about the breadth of technology offerings already under development in Australia, share information to create fertile ground for an advanced manufacturing and battery eco-system, and develop new supply chains to the northern hemisphere unrestricted by geopolitics. 

Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd CEO Craig Nicol joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has seen some big improvements in the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery technology. Craig Nicol told Proactive the company’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery calculated energy density has increased to 290-310 Wh/kg which amounts to a 93% increase since the last battery update on June 22nd, 2021. Power density has also increased 33% to around 9,350 W/kg.

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