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Battery research backed by Australian Economic Accelerator

New battery technology to help meet the global electrification demand will take another step towards commercialisation under a partnership between (“AIBN”) material chemist Dr. Xiaodan Huang and Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. AIBN materials scientist Dr. Xiaodan Huang is working with Graphene Manufacturing Group to develop batteries of the future.The support of the Australian Federal Government […]

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Advanced Materials and Battery Council’s Australia Battery Day – 26 September 2023

GMG’s battery team attended the Australia Battery Day organized by the Advanced Materials and Battery Council (AMBC), and hosted by The University of Queensland. The event provided a platform for the battery industry to collaborate with industry, research institutions and government policy makers and discuss the requirements for the advanced materials and battery sector in […]


KE Report August 2023

Craig Nicol, CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd (TSX.V:GMG) speaks with Cory Fleck to recap the July 27th 2023 news release announcing Nu-Calgon as the North American distributor of THERMAL-XR®. This distribution agreement covers the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Craig explains the distribution agreement as well as provides an overview of Nu-Calgon’s business. […]

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GMG announces Globen Engineering as its Thailand distributor.

GMG’s GM of Sales, Mark Lock, commented: “We are incredibly excited to join forces with Globen Engineering to introduce THERMAL-XR® in Thailand, signifying yet another significant achievement for this groundbreaking technology. GMG is enthusiastic as we forge a partnership with Globen Engineering, and we eagerly look forward to rolling out THERMAL-XR® throughout their network and […]

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GMG announces Catus Technology as its South Korean distributor.

GMG’s GM of Sales, Mark Lock, commented: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Catus Technology in implementing THERMAL-XR® in South Korea, marking yet another milestone for this innovative technology. GMG is enthusiastic about partnering with Catus Technology and eagerly anticipates deploying THERMAL-XR® across its network and engaging in new projects together. Mr Won Jun Choi […]

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GMG announces ACMES Aircon & Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd. as its Singapore distributor.

GMG’s GM of Sales, Mark Lock, commented: “We are excited to work with ACMES for the deployment of THERMAL-XR® in Singapore. This represents another advancement for THERMAL-XR®. GMG is excited to work with ACMES and looks forward to deployment throughout their network and working with new projects. At ACMES, we feel the core values of […]

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THERMAL-XR® Enhances Solar Panel Energy Output & Decreases Temperature

GMG has explored further applications for THERMAL-XR® coating for solar panels with positive results – achieved temperature reduction of 20% and 4.6% higher energy output on in-house testing and assessment. When sunlight hits the front of the solar panel, some of it is absorbed by the photovoltaic cells and converted into electricity, while a portion […]