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GMG | Developments from the Battery Division, Building a Pilot Plant and a collaboration agreement with BOSCH | KE Report Interview (October 27th, 2021)

In the latest interview with the KE Report, Craig Nicol, MD, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V: GMG) joins Cory Fleck to recap the recent news out of the GMG battery division, including developments in terms of the pilot plant being built and a collaboration agreement with BOSCH (BAMS) to build an automated […]


GMG | Company Webinar Announcement

GRAPHENE MANUFACTURING GROUP WEBINAR   Join us on Thursday, September 2nd at 5pm EST for our Company webinar featuring Graphene Manufacturing Group CEO & Managing Director, Craig Nicol, and CFO, Chris Ohlrich for a corporate update from management. Registration and details for this event are provided below.  If you have any questions for management please email […]