Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V: GMG) joins Cory Fleck of the KE Report to discuss recently announced new data on the HERMAL-XR® coating performance. The data, which is verified by the University of Queensland, shows that when THERMAL-XR® is applied to aluminium, it reduces the surface temperature by approximately 15% in temperatures between 700C and 900C.

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Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V: GMG) joins Cory Fleck of the KE Report to answer frequently asked questions from graphene production, the Company’s battery division, scalability and more.     |    |   TSXV: GMG

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The progress between BAMS and GMG continued with a two-day workshop to progress the manufacturing and design for GMG’s Coin Cell production facility.

The workshop covered GMG requirements and gained insights from BAMS experience to enable customised manufacturing solutions for GMG’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery in the Coin Cell format.

Both teams reviewed the Battery Development Centre’s current and future prototypes and discussed scaling mass production capabilities, production testing (moving from development to full scale production).

As GMG optimises the cell technology, BAMS will, in parallel, look to optimise production designs.

The aim is to have an FID in 2023 and production in 2024 (as per GMG’s press release dated 11/10/22 GMG’S Battery Update: Significant Battery Performance, Cell and Graphene Production Improvements).

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GMG And Bosch Sign Collaboration Arrangement For Bosch To Design And Deliver GMG’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Plant (25/10/21).

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Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd CEO Craig Nicol joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has seen some big improvements in the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery technology. Craig Nicol told Proactive the company’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery calculated energy density has increased to 290-310 Wh/kg which amounts to a 93% increase since the last battery update on June 22nd, 2021. Power density has also increased 33% to around 9,350 W/kg.

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Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Battery Technology Coin Cell Prototype Fast Charging Demonstration (October 2022)

Filmed in the GMG Batter Development Centre (BDC).

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Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd (TSX.V: GMG) joins Cory Fleck of the KE Report to provide an update on the Company’s battery division and what’s further down the development pipeline.

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The Australian Financial Review | The Battery That Charges 70 Times Faster Than Lithium-Ion.

Author: Mark Ludlow

Brisbane Burea Chief/QLD Political Correspondent at The Australian Financial Review, Fairfax Media

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GMG CEO & Managing Director, Craig Nicol, joins Cory Fleck of the KE Report to provide a detailed overview of recent news from the Company.    |   TSXV: GMG

In the latest interview with the KE Report, Craig Nicol, MD, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V: GMG) joins Cory Fleck to recap the recent news out of the GMG battery division, including developments in terms of the pilot plant being built and a collaboration agreement with BOSCH (BAMS) to build an automated battery manufacturing plant.    |   TSXV: GMG

• Construction of the Pilot Battery Plant has commenced with commissioning expected in November, 2021.
• The company has purchased additional equipment to manufacture G+AI Battery prototypes in pouch pack cell format in addition to coin cell format.
• Commercial prototypes for coin cell and pouch pack batteries remain on target (see July 14, 2021 press release titled “GMG Announces In-House Battery Pilot Plant Investment”).
• GMG has secured a site for a new headquarters and Pilot Battery Plant facility.


BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. (TSX-V:GMG; FRA:0GF) (“GMG” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an update on the pilot production and testing plant (the “Pilot Battery Plant”) for GMG’s graphene aluminium-ion batteries (“G+IA Batteries”) announced in the Company’s news release dated July 14, 2021.

Construction of the Pilot Battery Plant has commenced with commissioning of the facility expected to begin in November, 2021. The Pilot Battery Plant will be located in a recently secured new headquarters and production facility in Brisbane.

Further, the Company has committed additional expenditures to allow the Pilot Battery Plant to produce pouch pack cell format batteries in addition to the previously announced coin cell format. This addition to the facility is intended to potentially accelerate the development of G+AI Battery pouch packs and allow early collaboration with some of GMG’s major customer prospects and their specific requirements. Pouch pack cells are typically used in personal electronics such as cell phones, laptops, as well as in electric vehicles and grid storage batteries. Revenue from the Pilot Battery Plant is not expected to be significant.

Pilot production of a prototype coin cell battery is targeted before the end of 2021 and a pouch pack commercial prototype battery is targeted before the end of 2022. Subject to successful commercial prototypes and a final investment decision, GMG expects to construct an initial commercial coin cell G+AI Battery manufacturing facility, followed by first production and sales of G+AI Batteries. The location of this manufacturing facility is not yet decided but will likely be in Australia where GMG’s headquarters and existing operations are located.

GMG’s Managing Director and CEO, Craig Nicol, commented: “We are excited to shortly be able to develop, manufacture and test our own G+AI Battery coin cell and pouch packs in-house, in continued collaboration with the University of Queensland. This will allow us to potentially accelerate the development of our G+AI Batteries, work with our future customers and further build on our internal expertise. Our new headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, will enable GMG to have graphene manufacturing, graphene fluid blending, the G+AI Battery pilot plant as well as our global headquarters all under one roof which will greatly enhance our overall efficiency.”

About GMG

GMG is an Australian based clean-tech company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV:GMG) that produces graphene and hydrogen by cracking methane (natural gas) instead of mining graphite. By using the Company’s proprietary process, GMG can produce high quality, low cost, scalable, ‘tuneable’ and no/low contaminant graphene – enabling demonstrated cost and environmental improvements in a number of world-scale planet-friendly/clean-tech applications. Using this low input cost source of graphene, the Company is developing value-added products that target the massive energy efficiency and energy storage markets.

The Company is also pursuing additional opportunities for GMG graphene, including developing next-generation batteries, collaborating with world-leading universities in Australia, and investigating the opportunity to enhance the performance and energy efficiency of engine oils, biodiesel and diesel fuels.

For further information, please contact:
– Craig Nicol, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Company at, +61 415 445 223
– Leo Karabelas at Focus Communications, , +1 647 689 6041

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