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Advanced Materials and Battery Council’s Australia Battery Day – 26 September 2023

GMG’s battery team attended the Australia Battery Day organized by the Advanced Materials and Battery Council (AMBC), and hosted by The University of Queensland. The event provided a platform for the battery industry to collaborate with industry, research institutions and government policy makers and discuss the requirements for the advanced materials and battery sector in […]

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GMG Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Pouch Cell Prototypes Multilayered Auto-Stacker Demonstration

GMG is now using a new Multilayered Auto Stacker to optimise the assembly techniques of the pouch cell prototypes. ● Automates Pouch Cells Prototype Stacking ● Customises Geometrics ● Various Cell Prototype Configurations ● Increased Repeatability ● Increased Accuracy All contents copyright © Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. All rights reserved.