Graphene Manufacturing Group is committed to a positive Environmental, Social & Governance culture and No Harm to People or Environment. Employee leadership at all levels shows and acts to not harm people, including employees, contractors and customers & the environment with our process, product or any other part of the business.

GMG held its first “Stop For Safety” session. 

Sheena Ward (Chief Operating Officer) covered safety training for Personal Risk Assessments and Risk Management.


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GMG’s Corporate Overview Vision video (below) highlights the GMG portfolio and the visionary future for the company.

The electrifying and futuristic theme is consistent with the company’s positioning.

GMG strives to position itself as a world-leading authority planet friendly manufacturing and technology company that provides GMG Graphene-based ENERGY SAVINGS AND ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS products.



The Lastest Investment Overview for GMG by CEO, MD, Founder ~ Craig Nicol on GMG’s new website, all set for TSX-V listing in the near future.