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Battery research backed by Australian Economic Accelerator

New battery technology to help meet the global electrification demand will take another step towards commercialisation under a partnership between (“AIBN”) material chemist Dr. Xiaodan Huang and Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd.

AIBN materials scientist Dr. Xiaodan Huang is working with Graphene Manufacturing Group to develop batteries of the future.
The support of the Australian Federal Government Economic Accelerator Seed Grant and GMG’s supporting in kind donation will help both parties to collaborate to further develop Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Technology.

“UQ will supply the material engineering technology and GMG has the battery fabrication facility so together we can further develop the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Technology,” Dr. Huang said.

“A key feature of this battery technology is the faster recharging rate and longer life.

The global battery market expected to be worth more than $450 billion by 2030.

“GMG Graphene Aluminium-Ion battery technology could be scaled for use in mining equipment or grid storage. The increase in collaboration follows UQ patented processing technique for creating holes in graphene allowing improved ion storage capacity.”

With the global battery market expected to be worth more than $450 billion by 2030, the partnership aims to enable the technology to be brought to the market faster.

“With the demand for batteries increasing this locally developed technology has the potential to make a positive global impact,” Dr. Huang said.

UQ is a trusted and agile partner widely regarded as a leader in entrepreneurship, knowledge exchange and commercialisation.

UniQuest will continue to work closely with the successful UQ researchers to support the progression of their technology onto the next stage of maturity, as well as to meet key commercial milestones in the scheme.

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