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How Does THERMAL-XR® Affect My Equipment Warranty?

Graphene Manufacturing Group explains how applying THERMAL-XR® affects your air conditioning unit’s warranty. 

Air conditioning equipment is expensive, so you likely want to protect your investment. But when your unit needs a performance boost, you may be wondering how adding THERMAL-XR® to your equipment can affect its warranty. In this blog, we explain how applying THERMAL-XR® to boost your air conditioning efficiency can affect your warranty – and help it can help your equipment perform better, for longer.

THERMAL-XR® and Warranties
Consumer Protection Laws, applicable in every jurisdiction, ensure that no company or product is exempt from providing adequate protection to consumers. Many HVAC-R equipment warranties contain exclusion clauses related to corrosion, highlighting the importance of safeguarding against environmental factors beyond the company’s control.  

For instance, clauses from manufacturers like often exclude damage caused by corrosive environments or weathering. Moreover, warranties typically have limitations based on component type and ownership status, with warranty periods varying across different parts.  

However, THERMAL-XR® offers a 5-Year Conditional Warranty that can be particularly advantageous for equipment surpassing its original warranty period. This means you can enjoy the benefits of air conditioning efficiency for longer. 

Maintenance Benefits
THERMAL-XR® not only reduces the strain on compressor and fan operation but also mitigates heat pressures and temperatures, consequently prolonging the lifespan of the mechanical components of your HVAC systems. 

Furthermore, by improving heat transfer and reducing debris and salt build-up on components, THERMAL-XR® allows your HVAC system to maintain peak performance over a longer time. This means fewer costly maintenance costs for fixing underperforming or failing parts.  

THERMAL-XR® also helps keep your HVAC components cleaner for longer. Rather than requiring frequent coil cleanings, the nano-layer provided by THERMAL-XR® prevents dirt and debris from adhering to your HVAC coils and other parts.  

For business owners and facilities managers concerned about their HVAC system’s warranties, THERMAL-XR® represents a safe, proven solution for improving operations and increasing air conditioning efficiency. To learn more about the benefits of THERMAL-XR® in your HVAC systems, without warranty concerns, contact us today. Our team is ready to answer any questions and help you improve performance using our innovative graphene-based solutions.