Investor Relations


Stock Ticker: GMG

  • Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures (TSXV)
  • If outside Canada, contact your broker for International Share Trading procedures.

Capital Structure (as at 17 February 2023)

  • Ordinary Shares Outstanding: 81,973,169
  • Warrants & Brokers Warrants: 4,360,480
  • Options: 4,271,233

Short Form Prospectus 2022            PDF

Company Details

  • Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd ACN: 614164877 ABN 83 614 164 877 0
  • Address: 5/848 Boundary Road, Richlands, Queensland, Australia, 4077
  • Computershare share registry: 510 Burrard Street, 3rd Floor Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3B9

Contact: Focus Communications IR

  • Email:
  • Phone: 647 – 689 – 6041
  • Website:


How to Avoid Share / Investment Fraud

  • Reject cold calls/approaches – if you have been cold-called with an offer to buy or sell shares or a high-return investment – it is a  scam.
  • The only way to invest in GMG is via the Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures (TSXV)  via an authorised stockbroker.
  • Get impartial advice – before depositing money or making payment, seek advice from someone unconnected to the firm that has approached you.
  • Don’t use unauthorised firms to buy or sell shares or investments.
  • GMG does not seek investment or monies over the Internet.