™ Aluminium-ION BATTERY


This world-exclusive type of battery is a significant step closer to reality thanks to GMG, The University of Queensland Research and UniQuest commencing their scale up research project on the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery.

The laboratory testing and experiments have shown so far that the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery energy storage technology has higher energy densities and power densities compared to current leading marketplace Lithium-Ion Battery technology – which means it will give longer battery life (up to 3 times) and charge much faster (up to 60 times).

  • Super fast charging
  • High performance
  • Planet friendly.
  • Patent pending.
  • Leverages sovereign resources (no lithium required)
  • Super capacity and functionality.
  • Secure and simplified supply chain.
  • Intellectual Property collaboration between University of Queensland and GMG.
  • Supersedes Lithium Ion Battery technology due to safety, performance, charging speed and capacity.
Product technical information