Corporate Governance


The GMG Board is committed to ensuring that GMG has effective corporate governance which adds value and facilitates the company in achieving its objectives.

GMG’s Corporate Governance is aligned to the National Policy 58-201 – Corporate Governance Guidelines.

The GMG Board is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that management develops and implements a strategic plan that takes into account market realities and regulatory compliance;
  • Upholding a comprehensive policy for communications with shareholders and the public at large;
  • Developing and formalizing the responsibilities for each member of the Board, including the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer vis-à-vis corporate objectives;
  • Ensuring that the risk management of GMG is prudently addressed; and
  • Overseeing succession planning for management.

The frequency of meetings of the Board and the nature of agenda items may change from year to year depending upon the activities of GMG.

The GMG Board meets at least quarterly and at each meeting, there is a review of the business of GMG.

The GMG Board has formal committees with charters: