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How To Avoid Air Conditioner Corrosion

Graphene Manufacturing Group explains how air conditioner maintenance and upgrades can help to prevent corrosion.

A common problem that affects air conditioning units is the corrosion that can develop over time. Corrosion on these units can result in increased maintenance costs, and having to replace your air conditioning units more frequently. Thus, in order to avoid having to spend unnecessary funds on air conditioner maintenance and replacement, we outline what causes corrosion, and strategies you can implement to limit its effects.

What causes air conditioner corrosion?
Corrosion on air conditioner units is mostly caused by exposure to environmental factors including moisture, humidity and pollutants. Units in coastal locations can be particularly susceptible to corrosion due to the presence of salt in the air, as this accelerates the deterioration of metal. Poor maintenance practices, such as neglecting regularly cleaning and inspections, can also contribute to the accelerated development of corrosion.

Proper maintenance practices to prevent corrosion
In order to avoid as much corrosion as possible, and thus reduce your long-term costs, adopting proper air conditioner maintenance practices is crucial. Regularly cleaning the exterior surfaces, such as the coils and fins, can help to remove accumulated dirt and pollutants that can trap moisture and result in corrosion. Furthermore, routine inspections should also be completed to identify and manage any existing signs of corrosion. Addressing any drainage issues around the air conditioning units can also help to mitigate moisture build up and damage. Ensuring adequate ventilation around the units will also prevent moisture build up.

In general, scheduling a professional inspection on a yearly basis can help you to identify these issues and resolve them before extensive corrosion damage occurs.

Utilising protective coatings
One of the most effective ways to reduce the effects of corrosion on your air conditioning units is to apply a protective coating. Graphene-based coatings, such as GMG’s THERMAL-XR®, can protect the metal components from corrosion-causing environmental factors. This coating not only increases the energy efficiency of HVAC systems, but it also creates an impervious layer that prevents oxygen from reaching metal surfaces. Furthermore, this coating’s water repellence properties increase the protection it provides.

Corrosion is an expensive and frustrating issue that commonly plagues air conditioner units and other HVAC systems. With regular air conditioning maintenance and the application of an anti-corrosion coating such as THERMAL-XR®, you can effectively extend the lifespan of your units, resulting in a reduction of expensive maintenance and replacement costs. If you want to learn more about how THERMAL-XR® can protect air conditioning units from corrosion, contact us here.