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BOSCH Australia Manufacturing Solutions (BAMS) & GMG |Manufacturing & Design Review Workshop

The progress between BAMS and GMG continued with a two-day workshop to progress the manufacturing and design for GMG’s Coin Cell production facility.

The workshop covered GMG requirements and gained insights from BAMS experience to enable customised manufacturing solutions for GMG’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery in the Coin Cell format.

Both teams reviewed the Battery Development Centre’s current and future prototypes and discussed scaling mass production capabilities, production testing (moving from development to full scale production).

As GMG optimises the cell technology, BAMS will, in parallel, look to optimise production designs.

The aim is to have an FID in 2023 and production in 2024 (as per GMG’s press release dated 11/10/22 GMG’S Battery Update: Significant Battery Performance, Cell and Graphene Production Improvements).

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GMG And Bosch Sign Collaboration Arrangement For Bosch To Design And Deliver GMG’s Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Plant (25/10/21).

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