Press Release

Craig Nicol (CEO OF GMA) to feature on panel for Electric Vehicle Revolution at Mines and Money Conf

Craig Nicol (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of GMA) is to feature on a discussion panel about the “electric vehicle revolution” at the 2018 Mines and Money conference in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Graphene Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd (GMA) is a near 2 year old start up based in Brisbane Australia which uses a self developed patent pending bulk Graphene nano-platelete manufacturing system which produces bulk Graphene at variable sizes at world leading costs from readily available and local low cost carbon sources.

GMA’s vision is to enhance society through the supply of and innovation with bulk Graphene into 12 different sectors including plastics, building materials and batteries/electronics.

Graphene is a carbon nano-material and is often described as a “wonder material” having the highest strength and greatest conductivity known to man. Craig has over 20 years in delivering large scale innovation including leading multi billion dollar gas and LNG value chains in Australia and Asia Pacific.

Craig has an Honours Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing from the Queensland University of Technology.

Craig Nicol, Founder, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at GMA, joins the line up of speakers at Energy Mines and Money Australia. Download the programme now.