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GMG announces ACMES Aircon & Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd. as its Singapore distributor.

GMG’s GM of Sales, Mark Lock, commented: “We are excited to work with ACMES for the deployment of THERMAL-XR® in Singapore. This represents another advancement for THERMAL-XR®. GMG is excited to work with ACMES and looks forward to deployment throughout their network and working with new projects.

At ACMES, we feel the core values of GMG are aligned. We are delighted to work with a leading manufacturer of an innovative product such as “Graphene” and work with a comprehensive marketing strategy and an enhanced product capability. GMG provides us with reliable logistics and distribution support, and the back-end support is tremendous.

GMG collaborates with us with ongoing training and invests in business support to maximise our potential. We look forward to satisfying our customer requirements with the THERMAL-XR® product and GMG’s expertise in graphene technology to solidify our growth. Acmes stated, “We are more focused on the HVAC and ACMV sector and believe THERMAL-XR® will increase the sustainability and endurance of the equipment. We believe THERMAL-XR® will be a class master because graphene is a highly valuable and intricate product, and the commercial class will find it beneficial.”

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