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GMG announces Globen Engineering as its Thailand distributor.

GMG’s GM of Sales, Mark Lock, commented: “We are incredibly excited to join forces with Globen Engineering to introduce THERMAL-XR® in Thailand, signifying yet another significant achievement for this groundbreaking technology. GMG is enthusiastic as we forge a partnership with Globen Engineering, and we eagerly look forward to rolling out THERMAL-XR® throughout their network and embarking on new collaborative projects. GMG is a leading provider of advanced graphene materials and products, renowned for their expertise and innovation in the field. By partnering with GMG, Globen Engineering gains access to cutting-edge graphene technologies and solutions, allowing us to offer our customers superior and high-performance HVAC-R Energy saving coating products.

Mr. Vorapat Polcharoensook, General Manager from Globen Engineering, stated, “Globen Engineering specialises in modern engineering and offers a wide range of services in turnkey design, mechanical (HVAC-R), electrical, and control automation systems. THERMAL-XR®, a graphene-based coating on HVAC-R developed by GMG, offers exceptional thermal conductivity and heat dissipation properties. This aligns perfectly with Globen Engineering’s focus on energy savings and optimisation for heating and cooling systems. By incorporating THERMAL-XR®, Globen Engineering can enhance HVAC-R performance, improving energy efficiency and ultimately leading to cost savings for our clients. Clients can benefit from optimised thermal performance, reduced energy consumption, enhanced system reliability, and overall improved operational efficiency.”

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