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GMG announces Hi-Cool Trading Company Pte Ltd) as its Indonesian distributor

As one of the 4 Critical GMG business objectives to Build Revenue from Energy Savings Products, GMG is pleased to announce Hi-Cool Trading Company Pte Ltd as its formal Indonesian distributor.

GMG’s GM of Sales, Mark Lock, commented: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Hi-Cool in implementing THERMAL-XR® in Indonesia, marking yet another milestone for this innovative technology. GMG is enthusiastic about partnering with Hi-Cool and eagerly anticipates deploying THERMAL-XR® across their network and engaging in new projects together.

Hi-Cool Director Lilian Chua stated, “GMG is a reputable manufacturer that produces THERMAL-XR®.  THERMAL-XR® is proven to reduce energy costs at a reasonable price and is safe and environmentally friendly.

We believe by partnering with GMG, we see the potential synergy in working together to achieve our goal to introduce these excellent products to the market.”

Please contact Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd for more information | [email protected] | TSX.V: GMG

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