Press Release


In April Graphene Manufacturing Group will become a public listed company on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV). As a young company, this is an exciting milestone for GMG.  The transition from a private company to being a listed public company is a significant enabler of future growth and demonstrates confidence in the current product portfolio, a belief in the company’s people and the future for GMG innovations.

Craig Nicol CEO, MD and Founder says, “One of the things we do very well at GMG is where customers drive our product innovation. GMG graphene innovations are unlike other product offerings. They provide Energy Saving and Energy Storage Solutions. The TSXV listing provides another progressive step for GMG – it showcases our products globally. This is a significant milestone for the GMG team.”

The TSXV is a part of the Canadian TMX group, which is one of the top 10 stock exchanges globally.  GMG Chair of the Board Guy Outen stated, “A public market listing on a desirable securities exchange with a knowledgeable and financially capable investor base that is also close to major potential customers and partners is ideal.  Together this should support GMG to develop at the scale and pace our innovations warrant and customers desire.”

GMG Graphene presents economic and environmental transformation opportunities. We have chosen to harness our GMG Graphene initially focusing on ENERGY SAVING AND ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS.