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After coating with THERMAL-XR® on a Brisbane Health & Fitness Club 14 kW Air Conditioner, a 14% Energy Reduction was measured by management regression analysis estimate.

Energy Reduction 14 %
Energy Savings 457 kWhr | Annualised Estimate 6177 kWhr
Emission Savings 457 CO2 kg | Annualised Estimate 6177 CO2 kg
Measurement Days 42 (27 days normalised calculations)
Unit 16.5 kW Air Conditioner
Date January 2021
Calculation Method Regressional Analysis to IPMVP (B) GMG Management Estimate 
Accuracy 99.9%


THERMAL-XR® powered by GMG Graphene is a coating application for restoring and improving energy efficiency to refrigeration and air conditioning coils on both building and transport cooling systems (HVAC-R). The process coats and rebuilds lost thermal conductivity to the coil by leveraging GMG’s Graphene to increase the heat transfer rate, resulting in efficiency improvement, and reductions in both energy and CO2 emissions for customers.

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